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To make the sign up form a bit better, let’s quickly add a confirm password field. This way, the passwords need to match and you don’t accidentally mistype your password. Let’s also add some fieldLables. Now we need to add validation for the password Fields. For that, we need to compare the content of the passwordHash field and the password2 param. If they match, the user can continue. If not, an error is displayed. Now our form looks a bit better and passwords need to be typed in two times. Let’s also quickly add a lower limit for password length. For that, we can use the hasMinLength validator. Finally, let’s add the final touches. Our Sign Up Form looks a bit off. Let’s encase the form in a container and make it smaller. I’m also quickly adding some styling and putting the password fields next to each other. Also, let’s fix the wording and remove the breadcrumb to make it more clean. The same design should be applied to the login view for consistency. Now, our app is ready for users to join.