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In this video, I am showing you how to get IHP up and running. Every command you need will be in the documentation. Alternatively, there is a link in the description for everything done in this video.

First, we need to install Nix. On MacOS you need to run this command:

sh <(curl -L https://nixos.org/nix/install) --darwin-use-unencrypted-nix-store-volume

This will download and run a script that will set up Nix for you. After completion, you need to restart your terminal. If you are using Linux or Windows, refer to the written guide.

Now, you can install IHP itself. To do that, just run this command:

nix-env -f https://ihp.digitallyinduced.com/ihp-new.tar.gz -i ihp-new

We can now test our installation by creating a project. To do this, run „ihp-new“ with the desired name of your project. The first project creation can take a while. (To use cachix for faster build times, press „y“ on your keyboard when prompted.)

ihp-new my-blog

If a direnv error appears, you need to add this line to your .profile file (different shells use different files. On Mac you probably need to edit the .zshrc).

eval "$(direnv hook zsh)"

If we now head into the project and run „./start“, {can take up to 15min} the IHP DevServer will greet us. Here, we can open our App; And you are done! Now you can start tinkering with your Project and build your own WebApp!